Durango Co Lodging Inn

Laura Kitts, Sevierville, TN

Thanks a lot for a great stay! We arrived late at night, but we were warmly welcomed by the receptionists and availed the top notch servicing! We liked everything here. Our rest was fantastic. We’ll certainly get back here next year!

Gary Burton, Orlando, FL

Fantastic landscapes, fresh air, great servicing, clean and spacious rooms… what else is needed for unforgettable rest? Thanks a lot to the entire Durango Co Lodging Inn personnel for their attention and professionalism! I’ve got used to traveling a lot because of my business affairs, but I’ve not met such an excellent servicing as in this inn. Many thanks, again!

Beckie Grant, Las Vegas, NV

Last month I visited my aunt in Durango and decided to stay in Durango Co Lodging Inn for a couple of days. I’ve enjoyed this time a lot and I didn't even want to go home - so warm, generous and comfortable it was here. The staff answered all my questions and helped me a lot with my luggage. I felt like a special guest and was really surprised at this!

Karen Gillian, Taos, NM

This is, probably, one of the best places I’ve ever visited and, believe me, I’ve seen lots of hotels and inns in my life. I loved the swimming pool, and the king size bed, and a fireplace, and homemade meals served to my room every day and… Well, I loved everything! Can’t wait to come back here again!

Christine Stewart, Pompano Beach, FL

Rested in Durango Co Lodging Inn with my hubby and two kids! And I should say, there is everything for everyone here. The kids enjoyed the swimming pool most of all, I couldn’t get them out of it - so excited they were! I liked the gym and gorgeous landscapes and my husband couldn’t conceal his admiration of delicious meals and exotic drinks served in the inn. We had great family rest here! Thank you, guys, for this wonderful experience!

Kathy and Frederick Larkin

We stayed in Durango Co Lodging Inn last April during our visit to this city. We’ve chosen this place to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Our friends recommended it to us and we’re thankful to them as well for this piece of advice. Everything was great and there was nothing that spoiled our rest. They even offered us a free romantic dinner on our anniversary day! That was a surprise!