Durango Co Lodging Inn

Balcony House

Balcony House is one of the most exotic and unique places found in the cliffs of Mesa Verde - The Durango National Park. It is located in the cliffs around 200 meters above the Earth. This is what makes the place hard to reach. In this respect, Balcony House can be compared to a mysterious castle that is very hard to reach. However, there is also one feature, which is the highlight of the place. This is the complex system of tunnels and walks found inside the Balcony House. All in all, there are around 40 hidden places (rooms) here. Even though, this is not the largest lodging hidden in the cliffs of Mesa Verde, it still remains one of the most popular places of interest for the tourists.

Community Rest Complex

If you are traveling with kids and are looking for a place to spend interesting time with them, then Community Rest Complex is right what you need. This is a large entertainment center for kids, which has a swimming pool with a special comfort zone for small kids. Both adults and children can have great time here, taking part in active games, competitions, theater performances and watching exciting movies about cowboys. You should definitely visit this place, if you travel to Durango with kids!

Historic Downtown Durango

Historic downtown Durango is located only 20 minutes walk from the Durango Co Lodging Inn. This is the place, where you can have delicious dinner, go shopping, visit restaurants, famous breweries, bars and spend good time with your friends or loved ones. The downtown abounds in historic buildings, cozy cafes and well-known sights. This place is also called “the living room of the Durango community” by the local residents and everyone likes spending time here. This is one of the major allures of the city, which offers lots of activities, irrespective of the time of the year. Thus, you can enjoy a classic Durango winter holiday - Snowdown - in winter, The Iron Horse Classic challenge, cultural festivals, the road and mountain bike tournaments and lots of other outdoor and indoor activities held in the downtown.