Durango Co Lodging Inn


Suites are the most luxurious rooms in our inn. We have 2 suits, each of which ensures the top notch rest and comfort. Each lux has a private balcony, which makes it possible to enjoy picturesque Durango sights any time of the day, when nobody will disturb you. Suits are spacious and consist of several bedrooms, a large kitchen with a separate dining area, and an oversized luxurious marble bathroom. There is everything you need for great rest, including exclusive furnishings, king size beds, modern equipment, all the facilities mentioned above, a mini bar and even a safe, where you can keep all the valuable items you travel with. You won’t forget such a luxurious vacation spent in Durango Co Lodging Inn!

Junior Suite

Semi-Luxe rooms come with the enhanced comfort level and consist of 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. They are more spacious as compared to standard rooms and offer all the above mentioned amenities plus some of the additional services of your choice. All the furnishings are modern here, while closets and vanities are selected with the guests’ comfort in mind. Semi-Luxe rooms have strobe-light doors, alarm systems, large beds and other facilities for extra comfort and safety.


Standard rooms available in our inn include one or two bedrooms depending upon your needs, budget and the number of people you travel with. There is also a small partially-equipped kitchen and a bathroom in each room. Your can enjoy fantastic Durango landscapes from the windows of the room and make use of the amenities it offers. Theses include round-the-clock Wi-Fi access, a washer/dryer, cable or Satellite TV, flat screens, air conditioning etc. You will certainly have good rest here!